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Understanding the Breast Augmentation Process in Sterling Heights, Michigan

It’s no secret that Sterling Heights, Michigan, has been considered a hub for quality cosmetic procedures for quite some time. Among these, breast augmentation is highly in demand. However, before you embark on this transformative journey, it’s essential to understand some critical aspects of breast augmentation. Let’s dive into the breast augmentation process.

The Benefits And Potential Risks Of Breast Augmentation

One of the foremost reasons many opt for breast augmentation is that it’s often associated with improved body image and self-esteem. Others choose it after mastectomy or injury. It’s worth noting that while the benefits are tempting, like all surgical procedures, breast augmentation is not without risks. 
Complications can range from changes in breast or nipple sensation scarring, implant leakage, or the need for additional surgeries. It’s always wise to weigh these factors thoroughly before proceeding.

Top 4 Breast Augmentation Services in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Accents Cosmetic Surgery

Accents Cosmetic Surgery was founded by Dr. Mark Berkowitz, one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Michigan.

Revitalize Plastic Surgery

Revitalize Plastic Surgery offers variety of services under face, breast, body, aesthetic injections, non-surgical, and for men.

Plastic Surgery Harake

At Plastic Surgery Harake, Dr. Mazen S. Harake uses advanced surgical techniques and the latest cosmetic technology to give his patients a more youthful appearance, reconstruct and correct imperfections, and create stunning body enhancements.

Skin & Vein Center

At Skin & Vein Center, Dr. Eric Seiger and their Board-Certified Dermatologists, experienced Cosmetic Surgeons, and highly-trained staff are experts in all aspects of Michigan Dermatology.

A Deep-Dive Into Breast Augmentation Procedures

  • Different Types Of Breast Augmentation Procedures

    Contrary to common perception, breast augmentation isn't one-size-fits-all. There are primarily two types of procedures. Breasts can be augmented using implants filled with a saline solution or a soft gel-like substance called silicone. Conversely, a more natural approach involves using fat grafting, where fat is relocated from another part of your body to your breasts.

  • Understanding The Procedure Steps

    The procedure, typically performed under general anesthesia, involves making incisions followed by placing the implants either under the pectoral muscle or directly behind the breast tissue. The incisions are closed with sutures, skin adhesives, or surgical tape. On the other hand, how do you prepare for your procedure? An initial consultation with your surgeon usually involves discussing your desired outcomes and the procedural options best suited to your case. Health screenings may be necessitated, and it's crucial to be upfront about any underlying health conditions or allergies you may have.

Considerations For Choosing The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon

  • Credentials And Experience: Seeking a certified plastic surgeon with a proven track record in breast augmentations is an absolute must. Accreditation from a reputable body assures that the surgeon is trained and equipped to handle such procedures.
  • Assessing Before-And-After Pictures: A picture speaks a thousand words and often helps ascertain a surgeon’s skill. Don’t hesitate to request before-and-after pictures from previous augmentations the surgeon has conducted.
Woman looking at breast implants before having surgery

Costs And Financing Options For Breast Augmentation

It’s often quite difficult to pinpoint “standard” costs for augmentation, given the surfeit of factors at play, like the type of surgery, the surgeon’s expertise, and facility charges. However, you can always ask your surgeon to break down the costs for you for a clear picture.
Breast augmentations are usually considered elective surgeries and are often not covered by insurance. Talk to your surgeon or clinic about potential payment options and financing plans.

The Recovery Journey Post Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation surgery, you are often required to wear a support bra to help with swelling and support the breasts as they heal. It might take a few weeks for swelling and discoloration to subside. Depending on individual health conditions, complete recovery may take several weeks or months. 

The Takeaway

Embarking on the journey to improve your self-image through breast augmentation is a personal and significant decision. The more informed you are about the process, the easier it will be for you to make the right choice. Sterling Heights, Michigan, is well-equipped with top professionals to guide you through this transformation. Trust your instincts, do your homework, and you’ll make the right choice.

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